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Grenoble Aples Isére airport is a small international airport based in the Isére department of France. The airfield was first used in the 1930's as a military airport and wasn't used commercially until the late 1960's. 

Now it welcomes over half a million passengers each year focusing mainly on the ski season. Offering just under 20 different destinations, with over half in the United Kingdom, Grenoble airport isn't a bad choice for your French ski holiday this year.

Following the opening of the updated terminal at Grenoble airport, in 2002, it can now accommodate up to 1 million passengers and is comfortable and offers a high level of security throughout. 

It has one runway catering for all arrivals and departures. It is a very small airport but the arrivals and departures were recently improved providing an extremely simple route from the check-in and baggage drop through security to the Grenoble airport departures lounge where you can find a simple cafe and small duty free.

Again even though the airport is small it offers a great choice for UK passengers throughout the ski season as many of the common airlines fly there. 

Grenoble airport airlines include: British Airways, Easyjet,, Ryaniair, Thomson Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines.

The airport sits 40km northwest of Grenoble city and is easy to access by your Whiterides driver. 

The airport is so small that your driver will park close to the door for drop off and pick up. When you arrive a member of the Whiterides team will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall with the name of your party on a board.  

Grenoble airport services

Free Wifi

You will find free wifi throughout the airport that is easy to log on too and use during your visit.


Grenoble Airport ask you to contact your travel agent or airline with your request for assistance, when booking or after booking, so they are notified accordingly.  Furthermore it is your responsibility to follow this up 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure. On arrival at Grenoble Airport you are asked to contact the People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) area found in the main terminal building. 

A wide range of adaptive services are available throughout the airport to help make your travel easy and safe.


It is important to note that there is no Bureau de change at the airport.

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Shopping at Grenoble airport


Grenoble airport has a local souvenir shop with local products such as Grenoble Nuts, toys and chocolates, as well as a small Relay shop, selling confectionary, magazines, papers and tobacco.

Once through security and into the boarding area, of Grenoble airport departures, you will find a small duty free shop offering the standard beauty & cosmetics, alcohol, cigarettes, electronics and gift selections.

Grenoble flight departures

Restaurants & bars

Grenoble airport departure lounge restaurant

There is one restaurant available in the departures lounge of Grenoble airport.  Séquoia Restaurant Bar offers a wide range of local cuisine as well as international, snacks and drinks and a wonderful view over the slopes.

You will also find a small dinning area available providing snacks, sandwiches, drinks, desserts and pastries and a similar cafe is available after security. 

Grenoble airport arrivals lounge

You will find simple snack options available in arrivals with sandwiches, pastries, desserts and drinks. There are also vending machines throughout the airport. 

Grenoble flight arrivals

Alpine airports

There are 4 primary airports that our clients have been flying too over the past 10 years. After taking the time to talk with them about their trip and also traveling from all of the airports ourselves we have put together  detailed pages about each airport.

The aim is to provide you with useful information about the services and amenities as well as detailing how the airport actually works when you are there. Hopefully this should help you when arriving or departing from any of the remaining 3 airports and provide you with enough information to make an educated choice on where you want to fly too and where your Whiterides driver will meet you.

We are always happy to consider and discuss other airport pick ups so don't be afraid to ask a member of our team when you speak.

Check the airport transfers frequently asked questions page for all airport transfer related questions across the French Alps.