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Tignes Airport!

Tignes Airport!

Published: 11/09/2017 14:31

Tignes does not have a dedicated airport. Tignes is a popular ski and biking destination situated in the French Alps. Even the lowest part, Tignes Le Lac, sits at an altitude of 2100 metres. Near impossible to build an airport. 

The Tignes airport questions you might want answered are;

  • Which are the closest airports to Tignes?
  • Which are the best airports to fly to for Tignes skiing, biking or hiking? 

Whiterides have got the experience, done the research and gathered information so you can make an informed decision on which airport is best for your arrival in Tignes. 

Be it ski holiday, mountain biking holiday or hiking holiday the best way to fly to Tignes is included in this post. 

Our page airport transfers to Tignes may also help in your decision.

Which are the closest airports to Tignes?

The four major airports that are closest to Tignes are:

  • Geneva airport
  • Lyon airport
  • Grenoble airport
  • Chambery airport

Geneva airport to Tignes

Geneva airport, also known as Cointrin airport, is located just over the French border in Switzerland. Geneva is not the biggest of the four airports that are closest to Tignes, but it is certainly the busiest. Geneva offers the widest choice of flights in and out of the UK on a daily basis. 

You are likely to find well priced flights at Geneva, being the command post for Swiss Air and EasyJet Switzerland. We usually find EasyJet flights cheaper, but often the cheap ones are at an inconvenient time of day (or night)! 

Geneva airport background

The airport was first a small airfield, built in 1919, and is now a major hub for flights to 142 destinations across Europe and internationally. In 2016 16.5 million passengers passed through the airport -the majority of these passenger arriving in the winter months for ski holidays and winter sports.

How big is Geneva airport?

There are two terminals at Geneva airport. Terminal 1 (also known as M) is the main terminal where a huge majority of flights land. Terminal 2 is only used for chartered flights during the winter months.

Geneva airport facilities

There are some good facilities within Geneva airport. Plenty of bars, restaurants and cafés, although you will find this is one of the more expensive airports. Do be aware that once you are through security there is not a large choice of eateries.

Geneva's airport is situated just outside the city centre, which actually makes it a great choice if you need to stop over. Geneva is a vibrant city, and the train ride airport to city is just 12 minutes.

Transfer time Geneva to Tignes

If driving, this airport is easily accessed via the auto route. The transfer time to this Tignes airport is approximately 3 hours.

Geneva airport summary

Travelling to Geneva from the UK you will find a wide choice of flights at the best prices, but it can be very busy during the winter months with long queues. The transfer time from Geneva to Tignes is 15/25 minutes more than the other airports, but it can often be worth it in flight options. 

Geneva airport links

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Lyon airport to Tignes

Lyon airport is also know as Lyon Saint-Exupéry and is situated just outside Lyon, the third largest city in France. Lyon is the largest of the four Tignes airports we have listed. There are three main terminals.

You will find a great choice of flights from the UK to Lyon airport. Expect that to improve with the introduction of a new terminal.

Airlines such as Easyjet, British airways, Flybe, Jet2 all operate flights to Lyon.

Lyon airport background and future

The airport, Saint-Exupéry, saw it's first passengers in 1975 when it opened to help out Lyon Bron airport. Remember that the location identifier, or airport code, for Lyon Saint-Exupéry is LYS. 

Lyon airport has been undergoing a huge building project to create a new terminal (terminal 1). At time of writing the first stage is set to be completed this year (2017) and the whole project due to be completed by 2025. The aim is to handle over 15 million passengers per year.

Lyon airport facilities


There is an excellent choice of shops, bars and restaurants within Lyon airport, which is bound to increase over the next few years. 

Lyon airport transfer time

Lyon airport has great access to the Alps via the peage (paid motorway), making the Tignes airport transfer time less than Geneva, at approximately 2hrs 45 mins.

Lyon airport summary

Lyon airport is not as busy as Geneva, but still with a great choice of flights. Expect more choice over the coming years. The facilities are great and the airport is more modern than the other options. As Lyon airport is 15 minutes closer you may want to opt for Lyon if you are hopping to get on those slopes!

Lyon airport links

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Grenoble Airport to Tignes

Grenoble airport, also know as Grenoble Alps Isère or Saint-Geoirs,  is situated quite a way from Grenoble city at 45km. It is much closer to Saint-Étienne-de-Saint-Geoirs.

Grenoble airport is not as big as the other airport choices, with only 1 main terminal. It still, however, has a good choice of airlines that provide flights during the winter months for ski holidays.

Airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair, Jet2, Flybe and British Airways cover the UK to Grenoble.

Grenoble airport facilities

Inside the airport are a handful of bars and restaurants. The Séquoia Restaurant Bar is open in the winter. 

Grenoble airport background

Grenoble airport started life as a military base in the 1930’s. In the late 60’s a series of test flights took place for the 1st commercial flights then in 1968 it was open for passengers.

Grenoble airport transfer time

Grenoble has direct access to the mountain via the peage to Tignes, giving a Tignes airport transfer time of approximately 2hrs 45 minutes.

Grenoble airport summary

A smaller airport but still with a good choice of flights, limited facilities not as busy as the bigger airports.

Grenoble airport links

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Offical Chambery Airport website

Chambery Airport to Tignes

Chambery airport, also know as Chambery-Savoie Airport, is the smallest but the closest airport in the 4 we have listed.

Mainly operating in the winter months a handful of airlines such as Jet2, Flybe and British Airways fly to Chambery.

Chambery airport background

Plans started in the 1930’s to build Chambery airport but it wasn’t until the 60’s that commercial flights flew there. The first regular flight was between Chambery and Lyon-Bron,  and then Chambery to Paris a year later. 

Now Chambery is at its busiest during the winter months for skiing holidays. 

Chambery airport facilities

Chambery is the smallest airport and therefore has limited facilities but there is a café/restaurant within the terminal.

Chambery airport transfer time

Access from the airport to Tignes is direct via the peage. The Tignes transfer time is approximately 1hr 55 mins. Chambery is the closest airport to Tignes.

Chambery airport summary

Chambery is a good option if you are looking for a short transfer time; however there are limited facilities. For want of a better word, chaos can unfold in the terminal building when more than 1 flight arrives at the same time!

Chambery airport links

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Whiterides' Tignes airport summary

Depending on the time of day you would like to fly, and how close you live to an airport in the UK, here is our summary on Tignes airports. 

Chambery - Closest airport to Tignes, but can be chaotic in the terminal building. Limited facilities. Transfer time to Tignes: 1hr 55minutes. 

Geneva - Most frequent flights but can be busy, and pricey. Near to city so good for stop overs. Transfer time to Tignes: 3hrs. 

Lyon - Closer than Geneva, and will eventually improve on flight choices. More modern with good facilities. Transfer time to Tignes: 2hr 45minutes. 

Grenoble - A smaller, quieter airport, but still with a good choice of flights. Transfer time to Tignes: 2hr 45minutes. 

We hope we have helped! 

Whichever airport you choose remember that Whiterides provides professional Tignes airport transfers services from each. These can be private airport transfers or shared airport transfers.

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