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Les Arcs Snow Park

Published: 24/11/2017 10:13

Thinking about heading to Paradiski this winter season, and looking find out more on Les Arcs snow park? You are in the right place!

Whether it is big kickers you’re looking for or hitting boxes and rails, Les Arcs has it all.

Here’s the Whiterides Airport Transfers’ guide to the snow park in Les Arcs.

Where is Les Arcs ski resort?

Les Arcs is part of the Paradiski ski area, which consists of Peisey-Vallandry and Les Arcs, plus La Plagne which is linked across the valley by the Vanoise Express.

Les Arcs and its counterparts are located in the Tarentaise Valley in the French Alps. The closest main town is Bourg-Saint-Maurice, which claims the last train station on the Valley's line.

Travel to Les Arcs, from airports such as Geneva, Lyon and Grenoble, is a 2.5hr drive. Or swift transfer with Whiterides.

The snow park in Les Arcs

Work on the park usually starts once Les Arcs resort is open and there has been decent snowfall. Generally it is fully open by the end of December.  Check Les Arcs snow forecast here.

Les Arcs snow park is located between Arcs 1800 and Arcs 1600, and easily accessed by either the Carraley, Vagere or Arpette chairlifts. Find the snow park on Les Arcs Piste Map.

The bonus is, once in the snow park, there is no need to run to the bottom of the mountain. The park is serviced with an independent button lift - the Clair Blanc, so you can lap the features all day long!

At first glance, do not be put off by the massive kickers. There are much smaller ones! Total beginners and seasoned park pros alike, you will have a great time. Les Arcs snow park is for everyone, and all levels are welcome.

The snow park layout

Ok you’ve made it to the snow park, now the fun begins.

Les Arcs snow park is built on a natural slope and completely made of snow, as oppose to being a permanent dirt feature all year round, like some snow parks.

The snow park in Les Arcs has the following features:

  • Green kicker line.
  • Blue kicker line.
  • Red kicker line.
  • Black kicker line.
  • Several boxes and rails.
  • Mini half pipe.
  • Quatre pipe.
  • Wall ride.

As it is natural, each season the park changes ever so slightly. You may also find a new feature pop up during the season, like an oil drum bonk feature.

The guys who manage the park are all excellent park riders themselves. They create and test all the features with in the park, so it makes a brilliant ride.

Les Arcs snow park for beginners

If you’re just starting off in the park then Les Arcs snow park is a great choice. It has a green kicker line to get you going, with jumps a manageable 30cm or so off the ground. A perfect place for you to get used to leaving the ground, if only for a split second!

Once you’ve mastered the greens take your new found skills and head onto the blues!

Les Arcs snow park for intermediates

If you’ve been to the park a few times before *(or just a bit rusty)*and don’t fancy the big kickers straight off, Les Arcs snow park has a great choice of kickers and features for the intermediate rider.

You’ll find a blue line of kickers which are great to warm up on before heading onto the bigger red line.

If your not quite ready for those blacks the red kickers are perfect, they are big enough to throw your best tricks, but not too big to put you off trying new ones, and get them in the bag.

You’ll find the red kickers are really well built and if hit them correctly you’ll be rewarded with a sweet landing and well stomped trick.

It doesn’t finish at the bottom of the kicker line.  You’ll  find several rails and boxes at the bottom, and, at the very end, a huge wall ride. Make sure you stomp this, as you are in full view of the drag lift, and everyone will be watching!

So you’ve been smashing out your best tricks all day on the reds, time to hit those blacks..

Les Arcs snow park for the pros

If the riding park is your thing and you’re looking for a challenge, or some pristine huge kickers, then Les Arcs snow park has got you covered.

The black kicker line, or pro line, has its own fenced off entrance, and for good reason. These jumps are BIG! They are not suitable for just any one.

On the pro kicker line you have a choice of 2 kickers on one jump. Take a right for a slighty smaller jump or hit the left for the big boy.

Some of these kickers sit around 3-4 metres high and 10 metres long. These are going to give you plenty of air time to pull off your sweetest tricks.

There is normally 4 black kickers in a row in Les Arcs, meaning you can get a really good flow on and get all the best tricks out in one run.

Once you’re at the bottom jump on the button lift and do it all again.

Les Arcs air bag and water slide

Just opposite Les Arcs snow park you will find a kicker running onto a huge airbag. Here you can practise getting some air underneath your feet before taking it into the park!

Les Arcs also sets up a water slide in the later, warmer months leading up to spring. Are you brave enough to try to make it to the other end without falling in?

Even if you don’t fancy ago it is great fun watching people try.  Some make it, some don’t. A good spot to watch from is Restaurant L'Altiport, which is a self service restaurant with a terrace . Great for an after-park beer.

Before you arrive in Les Arcs check out the snow park webcam. This will give you a real time update of the weather in the snow park.

Have a great trip to Les Arcs snow park from all the Whiterides team!

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